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About Us


Est. 2019 The simplest possible combination of the two major food groups (Rice & Pulses), Khichdi, literally meaning hodgepodge or mishmash, is food at its comforting best!

One of the first solid foods that babies eat, the masterful simplicity of each ingredient in the meal bears reflection, the wordless harmony that exists between the two major food sects. A hot meal of Khichdi shushes the senses, evens out temperamental stomachs, and satiates without leaving any residue behind.

Rightly referred to as 'Superfood', this one pot meal is a balanced diet in itself. The rice provides the carbohydrates, the lentils protein, vegetables add vitamins, minerals and fiber and a dollop of ghee (clarified butter) provides the right amount of fat.

All over India, there are as many recipes for Khichdi as there are households. It's a meal for all occasions and the remedy for all negative feelings. Our simple Indian souls crave this one-pot meal through good times and bad.

Khichdi was recognized as an Indian staple from the times of Alexander the Great. Megatheres, the Greek ambassador to the court of Chandra Gupta Maurya, mentions a combination rice and pulses that was savoured by people all over the country.

The mighty Rajwada's too fell in love with this rice-dal staple and gave it an important place in imperial menus of medieval India. There are several historical references to Akbar's penchant for Khichdi. Who hasn't heard of the famous "Birbal Ki Khichdi".

And while so much has changed since that time, our love for Khichdi surely hasn't. Let us take you through this Khichdilicious journey as we turn the humble meal into one worth coming back for time and again!

The Matka Khichdi was started in 2019 by two restaurateurs Vikas Rathod & Alpesh Mehta with the idea of serving the one pot super food called ‘Khichdi’ to a generation of people who appreciates the simplicity of the meal. Our intention is to make the rice-dal staple at its comforting best during multiple occasions.

The Indians have savoured Khichdi in various formats. It can be said that every household adds its own unique touch to make the humble meal delicious. However, ‘The Matka Khichdi’ brings out a modern format for serving the national food of India in a healthy and nutritious manner. The founders have brain stormed and developed more than 30 varieties of the rice-dal meal that includes the famous ‘Indian Tadka’. And, we can proudly say that we have revolutionized the experience of having Khichdi by revamping the humble meal into one with ingredients and flavors from multiple cuisines.

Hereby, we invite you to experience the Khichdilicious journey with us as we turn the humble dish into one worth coming back for time and again.


To revive the traditional recipe of ‘Khichdi’ and create an unparalleled experience while maintaining supreme quality standards in the ingredients, service and customer satisfaction.


  • To make our innovative meals reach every household and corporate while providing value for money
  • To offer meals that are wholesome, healthy and nutritious so as to gain the trust of our clients and consumers.
  • To create a brand experience that repeatedly offers value addition in all aspects and thereby encourage loyalty among the patrons.

Quality Policy

We consistently strive to set benchmarks in our business so as to enhance each stage of operations. Our aim is to provide maximum value to our franchisees for elevating the customers' experience and surpassing expectations in all aspects of quality. We shall achieve the above by ensuring accurate monitoring of products and quality aspects as per the guidelines so as to maintain the standards.

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Meet Our Team


Vikas Rathod

Founder & CEO

An individual with a penchant for developing meaningful social connections, Vikas Rathod is the person with an incredible business acumen. The founder and CEO of The Matka Khichdi has more than 12 years of experience in the field of sales. This consistency is the prime reason behind his instincts about consumers’ mindsets. Fueling his experience in the food industry, is his vast experience in the fiend of sales and marketing (5 years), as well as team building and management (3 years). A combination of all of these abilities has made him a formidable entrepreneur, with The Matka Khichdi being the second food venture founded by him.


Alpesh Mehta

Founder & CEO

With an extensive experience in branding and consumer relations, the founder Alpesh Mehta knows the importance of serving the same taste to each customer through all The Matka Khichdi outlets. He has been working in the food industry since 11 years and this leads him to be immensely proficient in not only staff management, but also identifying and developing tasteful dishes that are appreciated by the mass. His ability to identify market trends quite early serves as the main resource for discovering new recipes. He fuels his drive for living life to the fullest through an active social media present and stays connected with his followers.